ecn vs dealing desk

ANONYMITYOn dealer forex trading platforms, the dealer knows your open positions, trading style and tactics and can use this information to his advantage.
CLIENT TO BANK TRADINGOn the FXINDIGO ECN, you can trade instantly on prices streamed by leading FX banks.
REQUOTESRe-quotes are common in traditional spread trading. FXINDIGO does not re-quote. The platform’s technology and strict price/time dealing protocol are designed to fill your trade at the current market price.
CONFLICT OF INTERESTFXINDIGO doesn’t take positions against its clients at all.
TRADING DURING ECONOMIC RELEASESFXINDIGO allows all clients regardless of forex trade size to trade and put in new orders during key economic releases. During these releases, and at times of unusual market volatility, bid/offer spreads are wider than those available during ‘normal’ market conditions.


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